Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day FREEBIE

I have FINALLY gotten my freebie posted!  I hope that you will check it out.  I've created Valentine's themed math journal prompts that are perfect for first graders.  Head over to our TPT store to download your copy!  Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated--it is my first product ever!  Can only get easier from here on out, right?!

We have been getting ready for next week which is going to be crazy busy.  Our 100th day of school is on Monday.  I have gotten some cute ideas from Deanna Jump's 100th Day Math and Literacy Fun Mini-Unit that I plan on using. The 100 Year Old Portraits are adorable! What are your plans for the 100th day?  Or, if you've already had it, what did you do?

Of course, I'm also looking forward to celebrating Valentine's Day.  Passing out Valentine's cards is one of my favorite memories from elementary school.  There's just something about sorting and delivering mail...if I wasn't a teacher I would want to work at the post office!  I hope the kids have as much fun as I'm going to!