Monday, January 23, 2012

Freebies soon to come...

Well I've just completed my first freebie to share...A Dozen Math Journal Prompts for Valentine's Day.  I am so ready to get this posted but I'm not sure how to convert the file into a secure PDF document.  Any suggestions?  I'd really appreciate it!

I also wanted to thank Teacher Tam for her video on making products for TPT.  It's perfect for someone who's just getting started or a little unsure of their computer skills like I am!  I used many of her tips to create my freebie.  You can check it out {here}!


Miss Trish said...

I also watched Teacher Tams video! Started my first unit yay! I don't know how others convert to PDF but I use a program called primo PDF. Google it, it's free.then you act like you are going to print and you select primo PDF as your printer. You can add author name and even require a password if you want!

Fit for First Grade said...

Thank you! I will try that.

Lisa said...

If you are using a recent version of word or powerpoint, it may have the option to save as a PDF. My husband's laptop has that option. I have Office 2008 for Mac and it has the option.

If not, I'm not sure how to do that! I always transferred my files from my old laptop to my husbands to convert them before I got my Mac.

Your blog is super cute!! :) I'm a new follower

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